Why Does My Lower Back Hurt So Much?

This is a question that must have crossed almost everyone’s mind at least once, may it be a working person or a youngster or even an elderly person. The answer to this question lies in your day to day activities, and the way in which you deal with your body on a daily basis. The study of the causes of the pain is required to cure lower back pain of any type, occurring in different people.

Aging is one of the main causes of such back pains. For people who had been working all their life, also for older people who do not move about much, this pain is almost certain to hit. Such pains may be diffused and spread to almost the whole of the lower back, or else, they may be concentrated on one particular area. The people suffering from diseases like arthritis and other old age diseases are prone to such back pains.

To cure lower back pain caused due to old-age diseases, doctors usually prescribe the practice of daily exercise. Making it a habit to walk for a while every day, following a regular routine in life, getting sound sleep with proper sleeping conditions and maintaining a balanced diet can be some of the best possible treatment for this type of lower back pains.

Lower back pains may also occur as a result of some serious illness or diseases that have affected your body. Such pains may be accompanied by unusually high fever or loss of bladder control, weakness of the body, especially in the legs and acute pain while coughing. This may be due to serious diseases of the kidney such as kidney mal functioning, infections in the kidney etc. High diabetes can also cause back pains and to cure lower back pain of this type, it is better to seek the advice of a doctor as early as possible.


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